Bauer & Farris is a full service law firm focusing on criminal defense and family law, and with experience in bankruptcy, probate, real estate, small claims, and estate planning.  We offer services similar to larger firms, but without sacrificing a personal approach.  If you need an attorney for any reason, make sure that you hire someone with the expertise and experience necessary for your case to be handled properly.  Not only do you need an attorney with courtroom and trial experience, but you should have an attorney willing to walk you through the complicated Wisconsin legal system.  Our firm provides a combination of knowledge, experience and personalized handling of your legal issues.  We know what is at stake and seriously fight for our clients. 


We are in the courts of Northeast Wisconsin nearly every day of the week.  We are familiar with the courtroom, as well as the attorneys and judges involved in your particular case.  There is no substitute for local experience.  You will want an attorney who has experience in your specific courtroom.

We are passionate about fighting for our clients.  We believe in what we are doing and care about our clients.  The law is more than a line of work or a job - it is a calling.  We champion our clients.  We are on your side.

We are versatile and do what needs to be done under the circumstances.  You will want an attorney who can effectively resolve your case through aggressive plea bargaining or dispute resolution.  Or, when necessary, you will want an attorney who has demonstrated an ability to take a case to trial and be successful litigating cases.  We have the skills to negotiate or go to trial as needed.  We offer imaginative solutions to legal opportunities and uncertainties.

We often utilize a team approach.  This means that we frequently collaborate ideas on our cases.  We charge no additional fees for using a team approach, but do it simply because we want to provide you the best possible representation.

Our fees are very affordable.  In addition to low fees, we care enough to offer flexible payment plans to clients in need.  We provide great value to our clients when you consider our reasonable fees coupled with the level of experience we provide.

We cannot, nor do we ever, promise a specific result on a case.  However, we can guarantee that by hiring us, you will get attorneys who will fight for you and do everything in their power to make sure that your rights are protected.  We will handle your case and competently and effectively as possible under the circumstances.  We are committed to upholding the highest standards of advocacy and obtaining favorable results.

We maintain flexible office hours, respond promptly to questions and concerns, and stay on top of changes in Wisconsin law.  Our fundamental objective is to provide outstanding legal advice to clients in a timely, cost-effective manner.  We take pride in our ability to devise innovative solutions to complex problems affecting individuals, families, and business.  At our firm, you will not find any gimmicks or unpleasant surprises - just good people with ability, common sense, and a drive to deliver results for you.

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