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We don't just handle divorce cases, but family law cases of all kinds.  In any family law case, the decisions you must make will likely affect you and your family for the rest of your lives.  Furthermore, you may be making these important decisions under tremendous emotional strain.  Because stress can keep you from looking objectively at matters when you are in such circumstances, you need an experienced family law attorney at your side.  Good legal advice can mean the difference between making rational decisions based on objective facts and law and making emotional decisions based on your heightened feelings.  Additionally, family cases may have issues that can become tricky and be wrongfully manipulated.  For instance, divorce is usually more than determining that you are no longer married, but can involve some very complex legal requirements.  It often is not a simple matter of signing some documents, and the process can be a very taxing situation for all involved.  These are sensitive issues that require an attorney who listens to a client's problems and concerns, applies that particular factual situation to existing law, helps guide clients to reach sensible resolutions to disputes, and fights against unnecessary or obstructionsist tactics from the opposing party.  We invite you to contact us to discuss family law matters that could affect your family and your financial situation for years to come.

We recognize the importance that clients place on having direct one on one contact with their attorney.  We do our best to ensure accessibility to our clients and advise them of the progress of their cases at all material times during pre-litigation, litigation, trial, and post-trial phases of representation.  Our goal is to solve a client's problems in the most cost-efficient manner within the parameters of a realistic result.  We try to give clients an honest assessment of their legal problems and the chance of success from the outset.  We want our clients to be intelligent participants in mapping out a viable game plan to the legal strategies they might want to employ.  We also want clients to make well thought out decisions as to expenses and fees that they might want to expend throughout the litigation process to achieve their goals, keeping in mind that depending on an adverse party's attitude and mindset some disputes cannot be resolved without conflict, struggle, expense, and persistence.  For this reason, Wisconsin's family laws encourage the successful resolution of family law claims outside the courtroom through the process of mediation and negotiation when possible.  We do not abandon our clients who feel strongly about their positions.  We are not afraid to try each case where the opposing party's position is unreasonable or unprovable.  We will listen carefully to your concerns and explain your options so that you can make the best, informed decisions about your case.

Wisconsin family law involves the practice of dealing with all legal problems that might arise from the family relationships of spouses, parents, and children. It is governed by a complex set of statutory and procedural laws that aim to effectively resolve disputes that may arise, while also protecting the rights and interests of family members and the institution of the family as a whole.  Family law governs many different scenarios, and at Bauer & Farris we provide representation to men and women in a wide variety of family law matters including: separation, divorce, collaborative / cooperative divorce, pre / post nuptial agreements, adoptions, paternity, child support, child custody / placement, modifications of court orders, contempt and enforcement, injunctions, and restraining orders.

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